Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units

A rack power distribution unit (PDU) is a multi-output device used to distribute electrical power, particularly to computer racks and network equipment located in a data center. Data centers face several challenges with regard to their white space infrastructure. As a result, many data centers rely on intelligent PDU monitoring to improve uptime, cost efficiency and sustainable growth. 

Legrand, the world's largest PDU manufacturer, offers several PDU ranges to meet every technical requirement:

Intelligent PDUs

Raritan's PX Series intelligent rack PDUs do more than just distribute power - they are a launch pad for real-time remote power monitoring, environmental sensors and data center infrastructure management. Raritan's intelligent PX PDUs offer hundreds of models with options including outlet switching, individual outlet metering, high performance and 400V three-phase power distribution. Certain standard models can be delivered in days or have PDUs designed to meet the needs of your specific application. 

In a nutshell:

  • Stable uptime, no compromises
  • Ultragranular alarm automation system 
  • Most advanced on-board controllers
  • Output power monitoring
  • Full color PDU case
  • Lean and intuitive user interface

More Information


Servertech PDUs come with High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) and have the most outlets in a 42U intelligent Rack PDU with industry standard C13 and C19 outlets. A special variant of this is the HDOT CX. The Cx outlet is replacing the C19 outlets, that are currently on the HDOT PDU today, with a hybrid outlet that can function as either a C13 or a C19 outlet. This innovative design reduces complexity within the selection process and limits the need to purchase a new set of PDUs when equipment changes, resulting in lowering end costs. HDOT Cx PDUs still have all the great features from previous HDOT PDUs: the most outlets per form factor, easy load balancing, and the ability to customize your PDU to the configuration of choice in only four easy steps

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In Short:
•    Two Outlets in One 
•    Most Outlets per Form Factor 
•    Easy load balancing with Alternating Phase Technology

Basic PDUs

To meet the power distribution requirements of network and server racks and cabinets, Legrand manufactures a range of power distribution units (PDU) to meet the needs of your installation. The PDU distributes incoming power to either NEMA or IEC power outlets designed to accept the power cables of the IT equipment installed. With different form factors and features, Legrand PDUs are a reliable and cost-effective choice for building your infrastructure.

Discover a wide range of PDUs, including both vertical (zero RU) and horizontal (rack-mounted) form factors to match your physical infrastructure, with options for Basic, Network Metered and Network Switched intelligence levels.

In a nutshell:

  • Tool-less installation
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Cable routing and cord locking systems
  • 90° rotatable ammeter: easy reading regardless of the installation position
  • All Legrand PDUs are compatible with complementary accessories: locking cap for socket and surge protection device