Time switches, dimmers

Time switches, dimmers

Legrand's time switches (e.g. MicroRex) make life easier for the user and installer. They ensure the activation and deactivation of an electrical circuit (including heating and lighting) at selected times and for a programmed period of time. 

Programmable time switches

Advantages of using time switches :

  • Energy saving 
  • Security guarantee 

Available in different versions :

  • Digital time switch 
  • Analogue time switch 
  • Analogue time switches with automatic summer/winter time changeover (astronomical time switches) 
  • Daily 
  • Weekly 
  • Astronomical 
  • Annuals 
  • Daily 
  • Weekly 
  • Digital 
  • Analog 
  • Daily 
  • Weekly 

Alpharex³ Digital time switches

The digital time switches of the AlphaRex³ range from Legrand make life easier for the user! The new range is equipped with additional functions, increased ease of use, ergonomic design and a high-resolution display. From now on, there is only one data transfer key for all AlphaRex³ products. This allows the desired program to be loaded quickly and easily into several time switches. 


Program your digital time switches conveniently via app.  
The Legrand BLE digital time switches are not only programmable directly on the device, but also via Bluetooth using the "Legrand Time Switch" app.

Thanks to the Bluetooth adapter, even already installed AlphaRex³ time switches can now be programmed via the App with a particular bluetooth tool !

  • Programmable directly via Bluetooth using the App.
  • well-known AlphaRex³ programming principle.
  • Data key recording is no longer necessary
  • High-resolution display with backlight.
  • High accuracy of +/- 0.1 seconds per day.
  • Shortest switching time 1 second.
  • 56 programmes, yearly time switches with 84 programs.
  • PIN code entry lock
  • 1h test
  • 1-channel clocks with control input for central control.
  • EEPROM memory for saving the switching programs.
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover.
  • Changeover contact as switching output.
  • Zero-cross switching, protects the contacts and increases the service life of the clock.

AlphaRex³ BLE time switches are available in three versions as 1- or 2-channel clock: week time switch, astro time switch with week time switch and year time switch with astro function.

Advantages of the Alpharex³ range

  • High-resolution display with backlight. 
  • Universal text-based programming of all clocks. 
  • On all clocks, PIN code protection for keypad lock and 1 hour test. 
  • High accuracy of +/- 0.1 seconds per day. 
  • Minimum switching time of 1 second, 56 programs or 2 x 28 programs for a 2-channel clock. The annual clocks have 84 programs. 
  • Programming by blocks. 
  • EEPROM memory for the protection of your switching program. 
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover. 
  • Output via changeover contact. 
  • Zero Switch Cross Switching technology protects the contacts and increases the life of the clock. 
  • Removal and replacement of the battery is possible without removing the AlphaRex³ from the rail. 
  • AlphaRex³ clocks are available in annual, weekly and astronomical versions, as well as in versions 1 and 2 outputs. 

Time switches in 1 module

A space-saving solution and yet the high-tech features of the AlphaRex³ timetables. Notably: weekly or yearly program, with or without astro function. 

Alpharex³ time zone with GPS or DCF antenna

These annual time intervals with 1 or 2 outputs and the integrated astro function offer the following possibilities: 

  • The time switch can be equipped with a DCF antenna in order to work permanently with the exact time (Frankfurt atomic clock) and is therefore suitable for the most critical uses. 
  • If the astronomical function is used, a GPS antenna can also be connected to the time switch to enable it to know its exact location and therefore also the exact times of sunrise and sunset. 

Microrex analogue time switches

The MicroRex Plug & Play is an analog clock from the Rex family with digital properties. The well-known MicroRex range offers simple control and programming by turning the analogue programming dial. MicroRex SuWi Plug & Play clocks have fully automatic summer/winter time changeover and high accuracy. The clock automatically resets to the correct time during installation or after a voltage drop. 

Advantages of Microrex clocks

  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover (SuWi version only). 
  • Easy installation with Plug&Play (SuWi version only). 
  • Automatic time setting with fast running mode (also after a voltage drop) (SuWi version only). 
  • LED status display. 
  • Precision clock: accuracy of +/- 0.2 seconds per day. 
  • Power reserve of 6 years. 
  • Lossless programming segments possible. 
  • Output by changeover contact on the MicroRex 3 modules. 
  • Output via NO contact (normally open) on the MicroRex 1 module. 
  • Removable battery. 
  • Available in daily and weekly time switches.

Twilight switches

Legrand's twilight switches are available in surface-mounted stand-alone versions, flush-mounted versions in the Plexo and Soliroc wiring device ranges and in modular DIN rail versions. 




Plexo en Soliroc
Plexo & Soliroc

Modular (DIN rail)

​Alphalux & Luxoswitch
​Alphalux & Luxoswitch

Modular without external photocell


Household programmers

Programmateurs ménagers

The household timers are available in daily and weekly versions. Programming is easy thanks to the captive segments. It is possible to force operation using the switch on the side of the programmer. The maximum current is 16 A (3680 W with a cosine phi of 1). 

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