Hotel room management

Hotel room management

A partnership for a unique user experience

As technology expands, hotel guests continue to search out new and original experiences during their stay. For this reason, Legrand and Samsung have joined forces to increase interoperability between their technologies and offer innovative interfaces.
The proposed system is based on Samsung’s LYNK HMS (Hospitality Management Solution) and Legrand’s connected wiring accessories (Eliot programme).

A fully integrated guest room management system

The Samsung LYNK system can transform your screens into a centralised control and management hub.
Used in conjunction with Legrand solutions, it allows the room occupant to control the lighting in particular, but also the temperature and the door from the connected TV screen.
It also acts as an interface between the guest and the hotel staff. By combining huge control and management capacity in a unique solution, the GRMS allows hotels to cut costs and the staff to optimise their tasks.

The response to growing needs

High fixed costs, ever-increasing fluctuations in occupancy rates, increasingly demanding and selective guests, growing needs for automation... the hotel business is constantly facing wide-ranging challenges. 
To ensure that the high investments required by hotels remain profitable despite these circumstances, Legrand has developed solutions aimed at increasing customer loyalty and maximizing profits by offering value-added services.



Comfort in the room

Offer your guests more comfort thanks to the right lighting and temperature. 
They will appreciate the fact that they can easily control the lighting and blinds using scenario controls, which can help them overcome jet lag more easily. 
And thanks to Legrand thermostats, they can program the desired temperature to improve the quality of their sleep.

Multimedia access

The stay in your hotel should be a unique and innovative experience for your guests. 
So choose the Legrand wall-mounted sound system: your guests will be gently awakened by the sound of relaxing music. 
What our LCS3 structured cabling solutions
 they can offer guests digital video content and IPTV services of excellent quality. 
Finally, our RJ 45, HDMI, USB, etc. solutions provide your guests with the necessary multimedia connections. They can also easily charge their devices thanks to the wireless chargers!

Design & Accessibility for all

Optimize accessibility in your hotel already in the planning phase by anticipating the necessary changes to make life easier for your guests. These changes should be well thought out to cover every need, be it physical, sensory, cognitive, mental or psychological. The visual and acoustic signal and light quality should allow people to move and orient themselves in complete safety. Legrand's automatic low-level lights, touch controls, indicator lights and even automatic sensors can meet these needs!



An incomparable selection of surfaces

To help you assert your identity, Legrand offers you a wide range of shapes, materials and finishes to meet the needs of your interior designers and adapt to their choices. 
From all our cable accessories ranges, choose the designs that best reflect your style and the unique experiences you want to offer your guests!

Personalized solutions

In the most prestigious hotels, guests expect personalized service to make them feel appreciated in a unique environment. 
To reinforce your identity by personalizing your rooms, Legrand offers you special brands and exclusive finishes. Depending on your requirements, it is even possible to develop customized products. And for an even clearer identity, you can also personalize the digital screens of our products! For example, you can display your logo on them.